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Interview Skills Interview Course


Job interview skills is a free course offered by Edraak that deals with different types of interviews, how to prepare for a job interview, personal interviews and their etiquette, and the most common questions during the interview about different sectors such as marketing, sales, administrative and technical jobs, how to deal with difficult questions, interviews with students and recent graduates, in addition to Interview skills and how to conduct a successful job interview.

The job interview or personal interview is the critical bridge between applying for a job and being successful in obtaining it, and which must be crossed in order to implement a well-prepared job search strategy, and to achieve this requires the individual to have job interview skills, and in this course we present examples of Job interview questions and answers for you to refer to at any time.

The rule of thumb for a successful job interview or a good personal interview is the ability to convince the hiring manager of your ability to stand out from the crowd, and your potential to achieve both tangible and intangible results for the company which contributes to improving its performance results. The job interview template consists of several recurring questions, some of which will be mentioned during the Job Interview Skills course.

With the high competitiveness in the labor market, this course aims to help you prepare for job interviews successfully and equip you with personal interview skills so that you can get rewarding returns for the time and effort you invest in your job search. And because we’ve all struggled with looking for work, we want to share with you all we know about the art of conducting effective job interviews and examples of job interview questions and their answers.

We will also share with you the advice, advice and opinions of employers on how to build trust during your communication with the person conducting the interview, and you will learn how to prove yourself as the ideal person for that job through a combination of unique personality, experiences, interests and competencies appropriate for the job, and you will learn about different questions during the interview according to the different sector For example, a job interview at a school differs from that of a company.

Lectures, tests, and training materials will be used to sharpen participants’ fluency in job interview skills, thus enabling them to gain a better understanding about the answers to job interview questions that employers are currently seeking to hear from job applicants related to competence, attitudes, etiquette and general behavior that appears during the interview. Building a solid foundation for their career advancement.

The job interview form provides the learner with a clear visualization of the interview stages, the questions expected from the recruiter or manager, the questions that you can ask, in addition to your style, manner of sitting, speaking and tone of voice, and this is what you can learn in the job interview skills course.

Register now for this free course of Edraak to learn job interview skills and the difference between conducting a job interview in a school or in a company, for example, in addition to everything you need to know about professional and personal interview etiquette.

In the Job Interview Skills course you will learn:

What the interviewer looks for in the best candidate for the job
Different types of interviews, fresh graduates and students interviews
A wide range of sector-specific questions and their suggested answers
Dressing for success, interview etiquette, and follow-up strategies
Mistakes that must be avoided in order to be the perfect candidate for the job
Basic requirements
An open mind and a willingness to try new things.

Content of the Job Interview Skills Course:

First week: Prepare for the job interview and personal interviews
The second week: sector-specific questions:
The third week: Follow-up strategies and job interview etiquette

Course link: http://bit.ly/3oMN7ca