An assistant professor - lecturers - is required assistant in all departments of Omdurman Islamic University

Umm Durman Islamic University
The Secretariat for Scientific Affairs
Post Jobs
Umm Durman Islamic University wishes to use the staff and
Teaching (lecturers) and teaching assistants to work in the colleges shown
Below, according to the disciplines outlined, according to the following conditions:
The applicant must be Sudanese.
A Bachelor's degree with a very good grade of at least
Umm Durman Islamic University or equivalent from other universities.
Obtaining a master's degree for the lecturers' jobs
Holders of foreign diplomas must evaluate them from the Ministry of Education
Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Those who have previous services are required to attach proof of dismissal
Applications are received and application form for buildings is completed
The general management of human resources in the university city
Attach pictures that do not respond from the following:
Academic certificates and their details - birth or age - number
Al Watani - National Service Performance Card - (2) photos
Photocopy of the size of the jacket in the period from 3/25/2020
Until 10/4/2020 M.)
Applications that do not meet the above requirements are not accepted.
First: The College of Economics and Political Science:
Second: The College of Nursing Sciences (lecturers - teaching assistants):
1. Internal nursing.
2. Surgical nursing.
3. Community health nursing (men only).
4. Nursing children.
5. Nursing women and obstetrics.
Third: The Faculty of Science and Technology (Assistant Professor - Lecturers - Assistant
1. Mathematics.
2. Astronomy.
3. Chemistry.
4. Geology.
5. Plants.
6. Nutrition.
7. Biotechnology.
8. Animal.
Fourth: The Faculty of Agriculture (lecturers and teaching assistants):
1. Crop Production Section.
2. Gardening (lecturers and teaching assistants).
3. Plant protection.
4. Animal production.
5. Poultry production.
6. Cultivation of dry and desert lands.
7. Garden planning and coordination (lecturers and teaching assistants).
8. Agricultural engineering.
9. Agricultural economy and rural development.
10. Food science (lecturers and teaching assistants).
Fifth: The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology:
Computer Science.
2. Information systems and information technology.
Sixth: The College of Engineering Sciences (teaching assistants only for males):
Mechanical Engineering.
2. Electrical engineering.
3. Civil Engineering

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